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Who We Are

Welcome to the website of the iCUBE student information and counseling center.
When you visit our center, we will help you solve all your problems and provide the necessary information. At the same time, we are home to an e-shop, through which you can buy the latest collection from your home or dormitory. If you lose or find something, you can use our Lost and Found website.


Decision on your future can be a really big challenge for you.
The goal of the Career Center is to provide students with a comprehensive career development program that will encourage them to become self-aware, develop personal skills, values, interests and especially to establish contacts that would lead them to great job opportunities. Career development does not happen overnight. It takes some time for you to become more aware of who you are and what you want to achieve.    
Whether you are a student or a graduate, this center will help you create resumes, cover letters, personal statements, interview skills, job searches or internships.
Pre-interview checklist: 
  • Identify your goals and skills.
  • Examine the company and the industry in which it operates.

  • Prepare your resume

  • Schedule a practice interview with us at iCUBE.
iCUBE advises
Dress appropriately. If in doubt, dress conservatively. Recent trends in the workplace have approved casual work clothes, but it is still appropriate to wear a conservative suit for the interview. The way you present yourself impresses. During the interview, shake hands firmly and keep eye contact. Sit in a chair and stay focused.
Your interview is a measure of how you handle pressure. Do not look too nervous, but at the same time not too relaxed. The best advice is to be yourself. Professionals are looking for colleagues who will thrive in a team environment.
Asking questions proves your interest and preparation. Before the interview, prepare a list of potential questions that you may be asked during the interview.
Your qualification got you here. Talk confidently about the relevant experiences you have had in the workplace, during volunteer opportunities and in the classroom. Particulary interesting will be specific examples of how you contributed or learned something new. Your goal is to show how you can help a company achieve its goals.