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Who We Are

Welcome to the website of the iCUBE student information and counseling center.
When you visit our center, we will help you solve all your problems and provide the necessary information. At the same time, we are home to an e-shop, through which you can buy the latest collection from your home or dormitory. If you lose or find something, you can use our Lost and Found website.


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  • provides psychological, social and career counseling,

  • provides counseling in the field of unfavorable psycho-social situation due to the threat of social exclusion (eg due to discrimination based on gender, gender, race, color, nationality, age and other diversity),
  • provides information and consulting activities,
  • provides crisis intervention,
  • provides educational activities in the field of social skills and personality development,
  • provides primary prevention of socio-pathological phenomena (eg substance and non-substance addictions, sexual harassment, etc.),

  •  ensures the development of peer-to-peer support groups at the university,


  • cooperates with persons providing the services of the barrier-free center, with members of the tutoring system at individual faculties, with the student information center and other relevant parts of the university for the activities of the center,

  • cooperates with non-university domestic and foreign partners in accordance with the mission and activities of the center, especially with institutions in the field of counseling and assistance.


Vysokoškolská 4, 2nd floor, office 258
WhatsApp/sms/Phone: Tel.: +421 905 754 550

Instagram: @cspp_tuke