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Welcome to the website of the iCUBE student information and counseling center.
When you visit our center, we will help you solve all your problems and provide the necessary information. At the same time, we are home to an e-shop, through which you can buy the latest collection from your home or dormitory. If you lose or find something, you can use our Lost and Found website.



Studying at university is associated with many inextricable experiences, including events, conferences, projects and many other activities.

If you have any extra free time that you want to use as much as possible, do not hesitate and join a team of great people in various student organizations that will show you what to do with your precious time.

Here are some tips for student organizations that can help you change your outlook on college life:

Sports at TUKE
Extracurricular activities offer sufficient relaxation in 25 sports. Collective sports such as basketball, floorball, water polo or more traditional football will strengthen interpersonal relationships and athletics, yoga, climbing on an artificial wall will strengthen the individual's abilities. There are also modern sports to choose from, including skin-diving, softball, tabata and noble yachting. Sports activities are covered by the school's athletic stadium, 8 gyms, baseball fields, squash and tennis courts.