For Students

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Who We Are

Welcome to the website of the iCUBE student information and counseling center.
When you visit our center, we will help you solve all your problems and provide the necessary information. At the same time, we are home to an e-shop, through which you can buy the latest collection from your home or dormitory. If you lose or find something, you can use our Lost and Found website.


Before the beginning of the semester

Register with  👉MAISe®️
New students can find out the login and password assigned to them at the address 👉newstudent based on the data from the admission procedure 
Write down the subjects 🖊️
Write down all the necessary subjects via the  MAIS system. Check it carefully.
Manage your student account 🏦
Check your student email and update your contact information.
Check the final evaluation dates
Each subject you have chosen to study has a final evaluation date.
Visit us at iCUBE
In case of any questions, you are always welcome in  i🧊CUBE.


Find accommodation  🛏️
Learn more about university accommodation and other housing options here.
Organize transportation and travel
If you travel by public transport, find out about ticket discounts here at iMHD🚍
Explore campus maps
When you come to us at TUKE, this map 🗺️ will help you to get to the classrooms, library and other TUKE facilities.
Prepare for using the library 📚 
Find out more about student life🎬🎮
In addition to science, research and education, the university also supports social, cultural and sports activities, which are also open to the general public.

During the semester
Find out key dates📅 IMPORTANT!
Official university holidays, dates of events, enrollment dates, results dates and more.
Participate in workshops and meetings
Develop your skills, discover opportunities and gain support and advice in various areas of study.
Get connected🌐
Connect to networks🌐, download free software and applications.📱.
Stay active with TUKE Sport🏐
Enjoy recreation, fitness and sports with TUKE Sport! Extracurricular activities offer sufficient relaxation within 25 sports
Check your results 🧐
You can also check the results of exams and credits in the MAIS.
Study life budget  📈
Plan your budget.
Here you will find out how much the college really costs.